Serving with Integrated Health Neighborhoods

Magellan Complete Care has a long history of ensuring access to quality healthcare and community-based supports for individuals with complex needs. Our history is what makes us unique. It’s at the center of everything we do.

We know improved overall health and wellness can only be achieved where members live—in neighborhoods and communities. This is where members make decisions about, and receive support for, their health, wellness, independence and personal goals.

That’s why we developed and implemented the Integrated Health NeighborhoodSM.

Maintaining community connections

Magellan Complete Care deploys person-centered, community-based teams throughout the Integrated Health NeighborhoodSM, which work within existing informal neighborhood networks and local public health systems to strengthen and extend their reach.

Our local teams help each member navigate these systems and supports, facilitating their access to community-based resources on the road to well-being.

Redefining traditional health plan roles

Magellan Complete Care associates live in the same communities as our members. We establish relationships with individuals, organizations and local resources our members can call on, person-to-person. The IHN teams are made up a diverse group of associates with different skill sets who are responsible for and accountable to the same group of members residing in the same community. This enables us to be nimble and flexible as we work collaboratively with each member to meet their personal goals.

The Integrated Health NeighborhoodSM Team

Service Coordinator

Leads the Integrated Health Neighborhood team. Works in partnership with the member to identify/support the member’s access to needed services and supports. While this one-to-one relationship is primary, others on the team assist the Service Coordinator when needed so that nothing—and no one—falls through the cracks.

Community Outreach Specialists

Individuals in this role work hands-on to develop partnerships with community agencies and with informal networks, providing the Service Coordinator with a robust array of local resources in support of the member.

Health Guides

“Feet on the street” people who improve access to services by working directly with the member to navigate systems of care, services and supports. For members who are difficult to locate, the individuals in this role use every means available to find and engage with them.

Provider Support Specialists

Licensed clinicians who support providers’ ability to deliver integrated healthcare. They work with all types of providers,  including those who offer community-based supports, to improve access to and quality of healthcare, services and supports for members.

Peer and Family Support Specialists

Trained and certified individuals with lived experience who assist individuals with complex mental health and substance abuse conditions by applying whole-health resiliency and recovery principles and tools.


The road to health and wellness

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