Children’s Services

Magellan Complete Care has access to experts who have served children and youth with complex needs, helping them to live at home successfully, achieve in school and mature into adulthood as self-sufficient individuals.

The right care today for a healthier tomorrow

Magellan has been managing programs for at-risk youth for many years, providing program oversights, assessments, interventions and ongoing care management. Our programs have helped hundreds of vulnerable children and adolescents stay in their homes and communities through:

  • Care coordination
  • Support teams
  • Individualized care plans
  • Care plan monitoring
  • Guidance and support

Our compassionate approach involves families, caregivers and community partners to ensure the best outcomes for the young individuals entrusted to us.

Sometimes hospitalization cannot be avoided. In these cases, Magellan provides utilization management and care coordination programs to support children throughout their treatment. Our programs have reduced inpatient stays by an average of 33%.

Magellan programs

  • Peer support services connect families with community-based resources and offer guidance for guardians when a child resides in or is referred to residential treatment.
  • The Transition to Independence program prepares transition-age youth (14-26) with emotional and/or behavioral challenges for successful lives as adults.
  • The Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment (MY LIFE) program provides a healthy outlet for youth who have experience with mental health, substance abuse, juvenile justice or foster care-related issues. This program helps youth feel less isolated and create positive change for themselves and others in their communities. Founded in 2008, more than 500 MY LIFE meetings and events have taken place, inspiring thousands of youth and adults alike.
  • Our system-of-care model for children and youth has been implemented in several states, and Magellan has a long-standing reputation as an innovator in the care and coordination of services for children and adolescents. Download our white paper here.