Healthy Behaviors and Disease Management Programs

Magellan Complete Care offers a number of programs for our members to help them get and stay healthy. We also work with our customers to integrate with public health and other initiatives at the local and state level.

Healthy Behaviors Programs

Magellan Complete Care’s Healthy Behaviors offerings are customized based on the needs of our members, providers and state customers. Where permitted, we integrate incentives into the program to motivate members to pursue healthy habits.

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation programs integrate regular Medicaid/Medicare benefits with enhanced benefits funded by Magellan Complete Care. Members who participate in smoking cessation programs are provided personalized and proactive care based on their risk level associated with tobacco use.

Substance use or abuse recovery

Magellan Complete Care’s program provides incentives and rewards to members who complete a substance abuse assessment and attend a substance abuse treatment program. The programs can include outpatient counseling, an intensive outpatient program, or medication-assisted treatment. These programs educate members about addiction and recovery, and how to prevent or recover from the psychological, social, economic, health, and legal issues that often accompany substance use.

Weight management

Magellan Complete Care implements weight management programs that are compliant with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics guidelines. Members receive individualized nutrition plans from Registered Dieticians and get telephonic nutritional counseling, assessments and education. Magellan Complete Care staff coordinate all weight management activities with the member’s primary care provider.


Magellan Complete Care encourages members to exercise by providing a variety of educational tools, enhanced benefits and third-party programs.


Disease Management Programs

When Magellan Complete Care members are diagnosed with chronic diseases, we step in to help keep them under control.


Members with Asthma are provided educational materials, action plan support and covered medications. After working with us, many of our members take control of their Asthma by improving their environment and avoiding triggers.


A diagnosis of cancer is devastating for anyone. When it happens to our members, we are ready with compassionate support and the power of our parent company. We have oncology experts on staff, along with a team of specialty pharmacists who manage oncology drug programs. We augment that with our Integrated Health NeighborhoodSM, surrounding the member and their family with community supports to make their situation less difficult.


Food insecurity and food deserts can make healthy eating difficult. This and other factors increase diabetes risk for some of our members. By connecting members with community partners to provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and enrolling them in our Healthy Behaviors programs, we empower them to manage their diabetes and keep the disease from progressing.


We make many efforts to ensure our members see their doctor once a year. Sometimes they realize they’ve had high blood pressure for years. Through education, covered medications and participating in smoking cessation, weight management and other Healthy Behaviors programs, these members are able to control and sometimes lower their blood pressure.