Maternity and Postnatal Support

The Magellan Complete Care Mother-Baby Connection Program provides incentives and rewards to members who take an active role in their prenatal care.

Magellan Complete Care’s maternity and postnatal program engages and educates members and enables us to play an active role during and after the member’s pregnancy and coordinate care for mother and baby. We follow ACOG, NCQA, HEDIS, and other standards in the development and execution of pre- and postnatal programs.

Our programs use a combination of education, incentives and care coordination to ensure pregnant women and new mothers stay healthy throughout and after their pregnancy, and that their babies are born at term and completely healthy. Not only do we provide pre- and postnatal education and support, but we also address member issues that may complicate a pregnancy, birth, or new motherhood, such as:

  • Chronic diseases such as Asthma, Depression and Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Housing, food and other social determinants of health
  • Substance use or abuse
  • Domestic violence

Once the healthy baby is born, we continue to engage with the mother, ensuring the baby gets appropriate exams, vaccinations and assessments, as well as helping with breastfeeding, monitoring for postpartum depression, finding childcare and ensuring she has the emotional and social support she needs.