MCC of Florida Member Stories

Magellan Complete Care of Florida empowers people, providers and agencies to help members take an active role in their wellness. Our plan integrates physical and behavioral health care and addresses social determinants of health, such as housing and transportation.

Magellan Complete Care of Florida’s goal is to ensure that all members receive personalized, high-quality health care tailored to their medical, mental health and social needs.

Thank you Magellan Complete Care for helping me, when at times I felt I didn’t even deserve it. I am striving to stay clean with your support, thank you!

Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy* had a history of homelessness, substance use and frequent hospitalizations. Her lack of stable housing made it difficult for her to attend follow-up appointments and take her medications.

Her Magellan health guide helped her get into a residential treatment center, apply for supportive housing and connect with her providers.

Dorothy has now found housing and has obtained a sponsor. She takes her medication regularly, her readmission rates have decreased significantly and she is on the road to recovery.

She has the support she needs and is motivated to say healthy and achieve sober living.

*Not her real name.

My self-esteem is now flying high because of Magellan. Once I have my prosthetic leg, my goal is to find a job.

Joseph’s Story

Prior to receiving Magellan Complete Care’s support, Joseph* struggled with debilitating challenges, including depression, suicide attempts, chronic homelessness, being in a wheelchair, severe eye issues, frequent hospitalizations, inconsistent medication usage and medical follow-ups.

Magellan placed Joseph on the road to recovery through a complex case management program, with a care coordination team and a peer support specialist. Magellan linked Joseph to medical and psychiatric providers, a mental health agency, and helped him connect with an independent living facility as well as obtain food stamps, a new wheelchair, phone, eyeglasses and transportation assistance to attend appointments and follow-ups. Magellan also helped Joseph obtain a referral for a prosthetic leg. Magellan then linked him with a job agency to support his goal of becoming employed.

*Not his real name.

Thank you so much. You just don’t know what you have done for me. Thank you.

Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer* had several inpatient admissions over a short period of time due to complications from a respiratory condition. She was not engaged with the health plan and not attending appointments, was mismanaging her durable medical equipment and her team could not reach her.

Her Magellan care coordinator intervened with a home visit. She shared during the visit that she wanted to give up and was embarrassed by her current situation.

Our care coordinator helped the member coordinate appointments with primary care and behavioral health practitioners, and connected her with local community resources for housing, food and clothing. The care coordinator also helped her to obtain a state ID card, birth certificate and social security card.

Jennifer is now attending her appointments, is participating in her targeted case management, recovery and peer support programs, and is getting regular support from her local church and food pantry.

Her outlook has improved and she is eager to see what her future holds.

*Not her real name.